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Blue Joule Corporation specializes in the analysis, design, development and implementation of high precision control systems. Motion control systems needed for acquisition and tracking, platform stabilization, precision position and velocity measurements can all benefit from our expertise.
  • Analysis services include system engineering, modeling and parameter optimization for specified system characteristics such as weight, power, cost, etc.
  • Simulations utilizing MATLAB/Simulink@ or Maple/MapleSIM@ tools as well as multi-dimension optimizations techniques are used to converge to the proper solution for your situation.
  • Design and Development of control algorithms, servo loops, Kalman Filters are provided as a complete package.
  • Solution implementation for software, electrical and mechanical hardware are available as well as the integration and testing of the system both at the factory and in the field.
  • Related services include image stabilization, system navigation (GPS, gyro, IMU, dead reckoning,etc..) as well as embedded real-time software development (C/C++, native non-OS or Linux)